Monday, May 19, 2008

An "Average" Day

This Saturday, Scott and I rode from Grand Rapids up to his cabin in Woodville, MI--home of "The Woodville Country Store," a miniature pony, and not much else. It happened to be the eve of the "Blessing of the Bikes" up in Baldwin, so we were "blessed" with the roar of motorcycles whizzing past us all day. On the up side, the ubiquitous "Welcome Bikers" signs were very hospitable.

Our grand total mileage was 70.69 miles--a distance record for both of us. The route was pretty hilly, and there was a healthy headwind all day, so I really felt good about how it went. I am very grateful for Scott's company (roaring motorcycles aren't very good company). My bike, clothing, and equipment all treated me very well, and I successfully pedaled a short ways with a Dairy Queen blizzard (a skill that I hope to develop more fully in the future).

This time we got a lift home, but I'm trying to imagine doing this 4 weeks (or 9!) in a row. I was surprised that my seat wasn't more sore on a quick ride for an ice cream cone yesterday. That is encouraging. Yes, ice cream is my weakness.

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jbtenel said...

WOW! This Sat. May 31, Uncle John and I rode our bikes about 1 hour and 7 min. It was slightly hilly, mostly level. I was exhausted, winded, shakey; my butt was sore and I think my left hip needs replacing. Better you than me! I wish you well, Laura! Love, Aunt Barb