Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lots of Money and a New Rivalry

Thank you all who have donated! I have surpassed my goal of $4,000 already--and its barely April. I was quite confident I could raise the money by June, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the generosity of my friends and family (and I can't forget the "stranger" who gave me $25 for shoveling his driveway after listening to my not-quite-polished Sea to Sea blurb on his doorstep).

So thank you.

Your generosity is making my part seem easy. But it is also challenging me to stretch out of my comfort zone to follow your example (as well as future fellow riders' examples).

Training is going well. I think it is safe to say all those pesky winter injuries that always come with running on snow and ice are behind me. But more importantly, today I realized that my love of biking is starting to challenge my love of running. I'm afraid that some of my urges to run are now being replaced by urges to get on my bike. And the smooth speed I can get on a bike is rivaling the familiar feeling of my feet pounding down the road.
At first I thought this "trade" was a tragedy, but I guess its also very appropriate, since I will be riding my bike for 1,550 miles in 4 weeks this summer. Running will just have to cope with the pangs of jealousy.

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Eritia said...

Can totally relate to your exercise rivalry as I find every time I'm out running and see someone biking I wish I was biking and vise versa, however biking has always been my first love (exercise wise anyhow).
Talk about this trip forcing us to get out of our comfort zone though! Phew!