Monday, July 7, 2008

A (tent) City on a Hill: Pendleton, OR

Entering the wheat fields.
Agatha and I. State #2.
Lake Walluha.
Computer time at the yellow school on a hill.

Our progress so far.
Rest stop.
Rest stop.

We made it to Oregon!

After a great Sabbath in Kennewick at a riverside park, we clicked off 69 miles of rolling hills today. I started with a large relaxed group in the morning, and then split off in the afternoon to catch a few guys at a quicker (but not as steady) pace. Highlights for the day…. We spent several miles along Wallaluh Lake in sagebrush and then headed off into the wheat fields, very hilly wheat fields. Onions littered the road over-filled trucks and we smelled regular wafts of mint from trucks flying past. A grain elevator provided a nice shady break, and its farmer shared his metallic water and offered, “There’s an outhouse over yonder. You might need this,” as he tossed me a roll of toilet paper. That’s true hospitality right there.

I can't forget to mention my first chocolate extreme blizzard of the trip!


Mr. BigCalves said...

I bet your biking-while-holding-blizzard practice really paid off. Chocolate X-treme though? They must have ran out of all the good flavors like Strawberry Cheesequake.

margaret said...

Thanks for all of your photos and stories. They, along with those of your fellow bloggers, really help us computer-chair riders get an idea of where you've been and what you've dealt with through the days.

Know that you all are in our daily prayers. May God richly bless the work of your legs (especially uphill.)

PS: I hope you weren't riding the rails for a long time ;}

[from Denfield (London) Ontario]