Saturday, July 5, 2008

To the Sunnyside

Early morning hops.

Agatha and Florene team up.

Me, Julie, Florene, Agatha, all very small.

Yet another easy day of 39 miles to Sunnyside, WA.

We welcomed a gentle rain this morning as we packed and started off through grape and hops vineyards (do hops grow in vineyards?). It was the first day back on the bike for one of my small group members, Agatha, since she fell and endured a slight concussion on day 1. At 77, she is proud to be the oldest rider on the Western section of the tour. In celebration of her return, our small group rode the entire day together with Agatha in the lead (she says she likes to lead because it makes her feel free). What a blast we had!

The grand total of flat tires today was 22. Our little group had 2. We blame them on an excessive amount of glass and goat heads. We have been enjoying the support of local CRC churches in the form of a refreshment stop in Zillah and dinner in Sunnyside followed by rootbeer floats and fireworks. Going this rate, we’ll all gain 10 pounds before the tour is over.

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mcscholt said...

You should tell the others on the tour to watch where they're going and avoid glass and goatheads... :)