Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two days

It was my birthday Sunday. My good friends Moni and Dan (Seattlites) brought me fresh bakes strawberry rhubarb pie (candle and hat included).

Our first truck packing on Monday morning.
Sideways picture of the inside of the gear truck. 2 laundry baskets each.
View of the pass we just biked. Enjoying the downhill.
Tire dipping in the Pacific.
Sea of Sea to Sea-ers.

Two days down. First day was relaxed. Second was not. Today we did 80 miles, including Stevens Pass-a 4000 ft climb. Overall success. Tired legs.


mcscholt said...

There aren't any hills like that in Michigan, are there?

Winnie said...

Happy be-lated Canada Day!
Happy Independence day! :)