Monday, July 28, 2008

The Denver Part

The Van Dyks (I'm not sure I spelled that correctly)
The ultimate Dutch bingo
The top of Berthoud Pass with Brian.

The tail end of Rabbit Ears descent.

"Sea to Denver with Laura" has arrived in Denver. What a swirl of emotion. Many people have suggested it being bittersweet, but at the moment, it is all bitter, I have to admit. As we rolled into Denver Christian on Saturday, those poor cheerleaders must have been confused to why I was in tears. Maybe they didn't notice, there was so much going on--music (a mix including Garth Brooks and Black Eyed Peas), goodie bags, cheerleaders, haircuts, mail, and lots of family and friend visitors.
The ride on Saturday was in my top 2 ever. We left Snow Mountain Ranch in longsleeve, full-finger glove, and legging weather and soon started the climb up Berthoud Pass, which was one of the most picturesque and least physically demanding climbs. Or maybe we are just in excellent shape now. I had my 6th flat tire on the way up. I squeezed my 7th flat in on the way home from church on Sunday, just hours before my departure.
The way down was filled with hoops and hollers as Hans, Matt, Sarah, Brian, and I all hit our record speeds (at least I'm pretty sure of this fact). Mine was 50.2mph. How can you not yell about that? We were passing cars.
We rode through several cutesy towns, the Red Rocks Amphitheater, and many courtesy refreshment stops supplied by friends and churches.
I met several supporters on the route who enthusiastically waved the "Shifting Gears" devotional or a Sea to Sea bracelet saying, "I've been following you guys! See my bracelet?" A random family reunion crowd described themselves as only "flatland riders" and promised to donate online. I realized that I was a flatlander not long ago--before I fell in love with mountain passes. About a year ago, I remember driving up Berthoud Pass and seeing 2 bicyclists riding up. I thought, "Why would anyone ever want to do that?" Its funny how things change.
As sad as leaving the tour is for me, which was planned, we have to remember Tyler and Arnie, who were forced to leave unexpectedly. Arnie had surgery on his ruptured achilles last Friday, and Tyler broke his collar bone in a crash on Saturday. He is on his way home. Please keep them in your prayers.

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Aunt Barb said...

Wow! Laura! Congratulations! We enjoyed following you on your trip. You are an excellent blogger! not to mention cyclist! It is clear that you have accomplished an amazing physical, spiritual, social, and emotional journey. Love you, Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura. Now you have to join me and live vicariously through other blogger's journals.
Cool to hear you saw Nancy Meyer on the road one riding day.
God bless on the next stage of life.
Ed's brother: Steve.

Brian said...

Congratulations Laura! Thank you for letting us come along for the ride (urp) with your blogging entries. We are glad that you have finished safely even though you took your hands off the handlebars at 50 mph to take a video!! ;<) The Vander Haaks

Janet V said...

Great work Laura! We also enjoyed following you along on your journey and hearing about your adventures! Talk about Dutch bingo, the Van Dykes pictured on your blog are Steve's aunt and uncle, how about that? We wish you God's blessings on your next adventure in Utah.

Janet Van Dyke (with the "e") ;-)

Gladys said...

Congratulations, Laura! Thanks for sharing your amazing journey! Today I read that food banks are adding nutritionists to their staffs and thought of you. God bless!

bettybandstra said...

Hi Laura: I've been following your blog cuz I went to school in Coaldale, Alberta, with Shirley Holtrop (probably no relation) and I'll miss your input. My son Theo, is also on the tour. Thanks for your effort to the whole campaign.